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Basic combination of IV Fluids mixed with Vitamins to help hydrate and get you back on your feet.


Morning Sickness


Are you Pregnant with nausea, vomiting and fatigue? Get immediate relief from your Morning Sickness symptoms while replenishing vital fluids crucial to you and your developing baby.

*Anti-Nausea in first trimester with Doctor Prescription.


Myer's Cocktail


Created by the late Dr. John Myers, this multivitamin cocktail is effective for acute asthma attacks, migraines, fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome), Fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasms, colds, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergies, chonic depression/anxiety and other disorders.


Add On's


Add to any IV Therapy Package

  • NAD+ Prices Vary

  • Extra Fluids $50

  • Glutathione

  • Vitamin C

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium

  • Anti-Nausea

  • Anti-Inflammatory/Pain Reliever

  • Antacid/Heartburn Reliever

  • Antihistamine


Hangover Cure


If you are Hungover after a fun night of overindulgence, the Hangover Cure will help alleviate lingering symptoms with the help of IV Fluids, Vitamins, Anti-Nausea, and a Pain Reliever.


Food Poisoning


A combination of IV Fluids, Vitamins, and Medications including Anti-Nausea and Antacid for a faster recovery.


Migraine Relief


Instant Migraine Headache Relief from a vitamin cocktail with IV Fluids and Medications for the Symptoms.


Immune Boost


Give your Immune System an added boost to help fight off that cold or weakened system from stress or traveling. 


Athletic Recovery


For athletes or fitness enthusiasts, this IV Drip combines fluids antioxidants and pain relievers that will help optimize your fitness potential for faster recovery.


Super Myers


An IV Drip suited for a reboot. This combination of IV Fluids with higher dosages of Vitamins and Antioxidants will help improve Energy, Support Digestion, Reduce Inflammation, Promote Healthy Skin, Enhance Immune System, and Improve Mood.

Mobile IV Treatments in Arizona

At Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration, we're revolutionizing wellness with our mobile IV treatment services. As your health partners, we bring much-needed hydration and essential vitamins directly to your doorstep. Our IV packages fit various health needs, from boosting energy levels to enhancing recovery.

Our mobile vitamin infusions can be the pick-me-up you need after a stressful week or an essential recovery tool after an intense workout. And with our mobile IV vitamin therapy, you can experience a health boost right in the comfort of your home. Our priority is your wellness. Let our mobile IV treatment in AZ rejuvenate you! Refresh your body and mind with Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration. 

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