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Super Myers



Super Charged Support

Boosted intravenous fluids infused with potent doses of vitamin C, zinc, and antioxidants to enhance your immune system and expedite your recovery from ailments.

$ 275 

Ingredients - 1L Normal Saline, B Complex, B12, Higher Dosage Vitamin C, Zinc, Higher Dosage Glutathione, Magnesium

Best uses for Super Myer's IV Therapy

Quick Illness Recovery

Immunity Enhancer

Boost of Antioxidants

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Strengthen Your Immunity with Our Super Myer's

The human body is constantly under threat from various infections, and it is the immune system's responsibility to protect us. However, our immune system can weaken over time due to various factors, including stress, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of exercise. That's why it is crucial to provide our bodies with the necessary nutrients to keep our immune system strong year-round.

One effective way of boosting your immune system is through our Super Myer's IV treatment. This treatment provides your body with a powerful combination of high-dose vitamin C, antioxidants, and hydration to help fight off infection and strengthen your immune system. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps our bodies fight infections by supporting various cellular functions that are critical to the immune system. Antioxidants, on the other hand, help remove harmful free radicals from our bodies, reducing the risk of cellular damage.

At Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration, we understand that it can be challenging to make time for self-care, especially when you're feeling under the weather or have a busy schedule. That's why we offer a convenient solution - our Super Myer's IV treatment delivered directly to you. You no longer have to worry about potential exposure to viruses at a clinic or struggle with finding time for an appointment.

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Help Your Immune System Fight Off Infection

Illnesses, regardless of their origin, can take a toll on the body, and the recovery process can be challenging. During this time, the body needs additional nutrients and hydration to help it fight off the infection and restore balance. Infections often result in increased inflammation, which can lead to cellular damage. Fortunately, boosting your antioxidant levels can help combat this damage by neutralizing harmful free radicals and accelerating the recovery process.

Staying hydrated is another essential aspect of recovering from an illness. However, drinking enough fluids can be difficult, especially when you're experiencing symptoms such as nausea or a sore throat. That's where IV treatments come in handy. IV treatments are administered directly into your bloodstream, allowing for maximum absorption and fast-acting effects. Unlike traditional oral medications, which can take longer to absorb and may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, IV treatments deliver the necessary nutrients and hydration quickly and efficiently.

At Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration, we understand the importance of proper hydration and nutrition during illness recovery.Recovering from an illness can be a challenging process, but the right nutrients and hydration can make all the difference. Boosting your antioxidant levels and staying hydrated are critical to fighting off infections and reducing the risk of cellular damage. With our IV treatments, you can receive the necessary nutrients and hydration directly into your bloodstream for maximum effectiveness and fast-acting relief.

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Available Add-Ons to IVs

Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration has a number of Vitamins and Medication you can add to any IV Therapy Package.

NAD+ Prices Vary

Extra Fluids $50


Vitamin C




Anti-Inflammatory/Pain Reliever

Antacid/Heartburn Reliever


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