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Recovery IV Therapy

Whether you run a marathon every month or you’re part of a college football team, maintaining proper nutrition ensures you have the physicality to succeed. But what happens when you push yourself past your limits and lose essential nutrients? You need a way to bounce back to your usual athletic capabilities! There’s no need to worry–we have you covered with our various options for recovery IV therapy.

IV therapy involves fluids mixed with various vitamins, minerals, and supplements that flow into your body via an IV tube. The IV provides the steady flow of the nutrients your body needs to recover for your next athletic event. If you’re worried about keeping your muscles in good shape and don’t want to take long rest periods due to overworking them, we have IV therapy for muscle recovery to help you heal faster. Our Athletic Recovery package provides various nutrients, like glutathione and B12, for sufficient increases in energy, as well as pain relievers to improve your body’s recuperation ability.  

This recovery IV therapy is especially beneficial for athletes in their late 30s and early 40s. Participating in sports and frequent exercise is a great way to enjoy life, but it’s important to support your body and keep doing what you love. We provide sports IV hydration during those days when the heat is too much to handle and you need a way to replenish your strength. Everything in your body runs on fluids, from the smallest muscle to the shortest ligament.

Ensuring your body has the hydration it needs to power through the next layup, sprint, or hurdle is why we want to offer our services to you. Here at Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration, your health is important to us. We want to offer you sports IV therapy to ensure your body has everything it needs to make you the best athlete or gym-goer. Check out our services for IV therapy and help yourself get back to a healthier body. Give us a call at (602) 574-3838 or send us a message on our Contact Page; we’ll be happy to answer any questions. 

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