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What is IV Therapy? IV Therapy delivers medical grade fluids intravenously as well as medications and vitamins directly into your bloodstream and helps provide rapid relief from fatigue, jet lag, hangovers, flu symptoms, and overall dehydration.

If you live in or are visiting Arizona, Call or Text us to create your custom IV Therapy at Revitalize Mobile IV to perfectly fit your body's unique needs. Whether you're prepping or recovering, IV Therapy should be on your list to do whenever possible.

Arizona's Most Popular IV's

Experience Arizona's most popular IV's and all the benefits of IV therapy in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel.

Click a therapy below to explore further.

Immune Boost $155

Don't wait until you are sick, give your immune system an additional layer of protection today.


Hangover Cure $150

Long night of overindulgence? We help you reverse hangover symptoms & get you feeling better.


View our entire menu of IV Therapy options and Add-Ons that promote overall wellness.


Refresher $110

A combination of IV Fluids & B-Vitamins to help hydrate and get you back on your feet.


Migraine Relief $175

Quick Migraine relief at home with IV Fluids, Medications, and Minerals.

Mobile IV Therapy in Arizona


Traveling to the Phoenix and Scottsdale Market or live in town and you need a Mobile IV delivered to you? Let us take care of your IV Hydration needs and help you feel better fast with our mobile IV therapy services in the Arizona area! 


Schedule your appointment for instant hydration and energy boosts. Our IV drip therapies quickly alleviate symptoms from over-indulgence, illness, dehydration, fatigue, and jet lag by infusing essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream for maximum absorption. Our mobile IV Vitamin Therapy includes a powerful blend of minerals, vitamins, and medications for immediate absorption, offering rapid relief from dehydration and pain. Enhance your fitness recovery, wellness, and relief from hangovers or migraines with our efficient, high-dose Vitamin and Mineral infusions, bypassing gastrointestinal issues associated with oral supplements.

Learn More about Mobile IV Therapy below. 

How It Works

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IV Treatment

Find Your Treatment

Select the treatment that suits your symptoms. 

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IV Scheduling

Schedule Your Appt.

Schedule a visit by contacting us.

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Mobile IV

We Come to You

We load up the gear and come to your location. 

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Feel Better

Feel Better, Faster

Receive the nutrients and hydration you need.


Feeling fatigued, dealing with a migraine you can’t get rid of, or has your skin lost its glow? Most people don’t realize that they are already dehydrated. At Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration, our IV drip therapies will deliver hydration, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, medications, and antioxidants, all helping to restore your body’s hydration levels. This will give you the energy you need, making you feel and look better, helping you maximize overall wellness with benefits typically lasting several days.

Benefits of Our IV Drip Vitamin Therapy

  • Enhanced Energy Levels without crashes or side effects

  • Strengthened Immune System to help fight the Cold, Flu, Stomach Bug, etc.

  • Optimize Fat Burning to achieve Weight Loss & Fitness Goals

  • Ideal Cure for Hangover

  • Fast Track Cure for Migraine Headache Relief

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