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IV Therapy

We all have different needs for our health, and when we run low on certain nutrients, IV therapy is the go-to method for a quicker recovery. However, it’s important to ensure you get the nutrients you need; while our IV therapy options are effective in improving your overall health, we want to offer you the chance to choose what you want in your IV. Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration offers IV therapy add-ons that give you control over what you want included in your treatment. This option is great for people who have specific nutritional deficiencies for substances, such as Vitamin C or zinc.

This custom IV therapy includes options for various vitamins, minerals, and medication that you can include in any IV package. Anti-nausea medications and antacids are a great addition for people with GI issues who want their stomach to settle. People with chronic pain or suffering from the after-effects of a hangover may need the extra benefit of a pain reliever or anti-inflammatory in their IV for relief. Magnesium and glutathione are helpful in managing blood sugar levels and developing stronger muscles, which will help your athletic prowess.

Many of these add-ons pair well with other IV therapy treatments. Our Morning Sickness package helps those who are pregnant, and the addition of zinc stabilizes metabolisms and immune systems for well-rounded IV therapy. If you take on a lot of stress and decide to book the Super Myers package, an add-on of anti-inflammatory medication prevents cortisol levels from making you feel stiff or look bloated. Additionally, any of the IV therapy packages benefit from a hydration IV infusion add-on, as the extra fluids assist numerous functions of the body.

IV therapy should have the most impact on your overall health and help you replenish your body’s energy. These add-ons ensure you have a more efficient recovery with the supplements to help you feel like your healthiest self. Take a look at some of the potential IV therapy add-ons and create the combination of nutrients that will help you feel at your best. For more information, message us through our Contact Page or call (602) 574-3838.

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