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Revive & Recover

A mixture of intravenous fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and medicines designed to replenish nutrients in your body and alleviate your hangover symptoms rapidly.

$ 155 

Ingredients - IV Fluids, B12, B Complex, Toradol, Zofran

Best uses for Hydration Boost

Fast Headache Relief

Nausea Relief

Quick Rehydration


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The On-Site Solution for Rapid and Efficient Hangover IV Treatment

AZ Mobile Hydration understands the three crucial components of recovering from a hangover:

  1. Rehydration is paramount in alleviating your symptoms.

  2. IV electrolytes aid in hydration and can help alleviate hangover symptoms.

  3. Restoring lost vitamins can improve your energy levels.

Our IV Hangover Treatment is a speedy 30-60 minute procedure that tackles your hangover symptoms effectively. We replenish your body's fluids and lost vitamins from a night of heavy drinking. Our solution also includes anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medications to provide fast relief from your hangover symptoms.

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Symptoms and Cause of Hangovers

Excessive alcohol consumption leads to dehydration, vitamin, and nutrient depletion which cause hangovers. This results in a range of debilitating symptoms that can last for hours if not treated properly.

Hangover symptoms include:

  • Dehydration

  • Nausea

  • Headache

  • Upset stomach

  • Muscle aches

Hangovers can make the morning after a fun night an uncomfortable and painful experience. However, with a hangover IV treatment, fast relief from these symptoms can be achieved.

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